Univ. Politecnica delle Marche

European Business History Association

22nd Annual Congress

6-8 September 2018 - Ancona


The Business History of Creativity
29th-31st August 2019 at Erasmus University Rotterdam

EBHA 2019 flyer (PDF format)

We cordially invite you to the 23rd annual EBHA congress in our lively, modern and colourful port city of Rotterdam. This congress focusses on creativity in business history and aims to analyse the evolution of the creative industries, including art markets, film, fashion, radio, television, music, design, theatre, tourism and video games. Not only does creativity matter to its namesake industries, but also to most other sectors of national and international economies. It forms the basis of innovation and firm competitiveness. The creative industries are based on creativity, skills, and talent, and the potential for wealth and job creation through the development of intellectual property. Nevertheless, these industries, their firms and their entrepreneurs are under-researched topics in business history.

The program committee welcomes papers on a wide-range of topics in Business History, but our special interests this year lie in the various dimensions of the creative industries and creativity within businesses, sectors, cities, and nations. Additionally, we welcome paper submissions broadly related (but not limited) to the following aspects: the past, presence and persistency of innovation and its link to firm dynamics and economic growth. Along with proposals for individual papers, scholars are warmly invited to propose entire panel sessions to generate more coherence in the conference.

Session and paper proposals can be submitted through the congress website from 10th September 2018 onward.

Deadline for all proposals is 31st January 2019.